Kian Wolfgang

2021 Sep 23

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Thank you everyone for the overwhelming love and support. It is so amazing to hear how God has saved so many. It warms my heart to see people praying for each other in the comments, please continue to leave any prayer requests!! I declare these comments be a place where God's love shines through us. Difference in opinions does not mean we get to shut off our love, God calls us to always keep our love on. I also wanted to address comments about the church I mention in the video and pastors I mentioned. BOTTOM LINE is we are all imperfect humans. I will allow God to lead me and help me filter through everyone's messages, sermons, comments, etc. I trust that He will lead me towards Him and away from anything not of Him. He is more capable than any of us. :) Love you all! Hey everyone! I am sharing my personal testimony in this video. This is the story of how I came to God and why I choose to be a Christian. This is the most vulnerable and personal thing I will ever post, but it also the most important thing I will ever post. God has put this on my heart to share—I'm not sure the reason yet, but I trust Him above everything. I hope my story touches your heart in some way. God loves you so much and He forgives all. He will wipe away the darkest sins and make you new. Thank you so much for watching!

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